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Hydra Enhancer Rich Cream 15ml


Like a silk veil, Hydra Enhancer Rich Cream perfectly blends with your skin, providing it with an intense hydration and an immediate sensation of smoothness and comfort. Thanks to the properties of its actives, like low-molecular weight hyaluronic acid and a plant derivative extracted from the carob seeds – well known as effective moisturizers – and rice bran oil, used for ages as an antioxidant, the Hydra Enhancer Rich Cream prevents your skin from premature ageing signs, by enriching it with freshness and brilliance.
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Rice Bran Oil

The history of rice goes back for ages, both in the field of foods, but also in cosmetics. Rice bran oil is considered an anti-free radicals elixir, and is also sought out for its hydrating and emollient powers. Its precious composition makes it a true boon to beauty: oleic, linoleic, and palmitic acids, Vitamin E, the oryzanol range, and the many minerals give this oil extraordinary anti-oxidant properties. It also helps to prevent smile and frown lines and keeps skin luminous.

Low Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is present in every living creature and even in our skin, where it plays a very important role in maintaining firmness. Fundamental for hydration, it keeps skin turgid and elastic.

A plant derivative extracted from the seeds of the Ceratonia siliqua, or carob tree

This is a totally botanical alternative to hyaluronic acid, extracted from the seeds of the Ceratonia siliqua, the carob tree. It has an excellent affinity with the skin and prevents dehydration.
It wraps the epidermis in a delicate and permeable film, giving it resistance, tone, and firmness, leaving skin with a velvety appearance and a sensation of absolute comfort.

Phospholipid and Glycerol Complex

This complex associates an active substance with phospholipids. Its “skin-friendly” composition facilitates the absorption and action of the product, transporting the active ingredient beyond the epidermal barrier and becoming a valid ally in protecting the skin from stress.

  • Apply a thin layer of product to clean and dry skin of face and neck.
  • Massage until completely absorbed.

Use morning and evening, on its own or before the serum.

Avoid contact with the eye mucosa.