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Intensive Skin-hydrating Mask


A nourishment of ancient origins, a true concentrate of beauty. Indulge yourself in a ritual of profound, embracing relaxation. Thanks to its precious, incredibly smooth and silky texture and relaxing fragrance, reminiscent of faraway places, Intensive Skin-hydrating Mask bestows hydration, freshness and vitality even to the driest and highly stressed skins, by providing them with a newfound radiance.

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Rice Bran Oil

The history of rice goes back for ages, both in the field of foods, but also in cosmetics. Rice bran oil is considered an anti-free radicals elixir, and is also sought out for its hydrating and emollient powers. Its precious composition makes it a true boon to beauty: oleic, linoleic, and palmitic acids, Vitamin E, the oryzanol range, and the many minerals give this oil extraordinary anti-oxidant properties. It also helps to prevent smile and frown lines and keeps skin luminous.

A plant derivative extracted from the seeds of the Ceratonia siliqua, or carob tree

This is a totally botanical alternative to hyaluronic acid, extracted from the seeds of the Ceratonia siliqua, the carob tree. It has an excellent affinity with the skin and prevents dehydration.
It wraps the epidermis in a delicate and permeable film, giving it resistance, tone, and firmness, leaving skin with a velvety appearance and a sensation of absolute comfort.


A polysaccharide of natural origins extracted from the cells of the Aureobasidium pullulans fungus, it forms protective film that helps to fight the ageing of skin. It creates an immediate toning effect that visibly improves the skin’s appearance.

Sugar deriving from fermentation

A substance that can be found in foods like grapes, melons, and honey, it is produced thanks to a fermentation process. It can be used as a moisturiser and humectant, leaving the skin with a pleasant sensation of comfort.

Shea Butter

The Vitellaria paradoxa, or shea tree, can reach 15 metres in height and is indigenous to the inland zones of western Africa (Sudan, Senegal, Nigeria, and the Ivory Coast). When the seeds of this tree are pressed, shea butter is produced, rich in oleic, stearic, palmitoleic, and linoleic acids. Thanks to the excellent nutritional, restorative, and normalising properties of the hydrolipidic film, it is ideal for treating stressed, dry, and dehydrated skin.

Natural Emulsifier

An emulsifier of plant origin derived from soy, produced thanks to the controlled hydrogenation of lecithin, it protects skin from external agents, favouring the barrier function.

  • Apply uniformly to clean and dry skin of face and neck.
  • Leave acting for 20 minutes.
  • Rinse with water.

Repeat once a week.

Avoid contact with the eye mucosa.