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Radiance-boost Face Mask


Revel in the luxurious mix of fruit acids and passion flower, bestowing a regenerating smoothness and a natural splendor on your skin, by bettering the cellular turnover. Removing dead cells, through a pleasant multi-sensorial action, Radiance-boost Face Mask will make your skin as radiant and splendid as ever.

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Blend of Functional Exfoliant Substances

With a base of lactic, glycolic and citric acids, this blend improves the cell turnover, making it possible for the skin to reacquire its natural luminosity and a more even colour. Fresh and regenerating, the blend favours the elasticity of the skin and fights the signs of ageing. In addition to fruit acids (mango and lemon), there are also the revitalizing effects of the passion flower.

Lactobionic Acid

The intense hydrating property of lactobionic acid is due to its capacity to hold atmospheric water on the skin, while its anti-oxidant properties make it particularly useful as an anti-ageing agent.
Lactobionic acid is also effective in regulating cell renewal, giving skin renewed glow.


Gluconolactone is a substance found in Nature, but can be obtained in a laboratory from gluconic acid. Its molecules attract humidity, guaranteeing hydration. When applied on the skin, it favours cell renewal and the restoration of cutaneous barrier. As an ingredient in facial masks, it favours a delicate and illuminating exfoliation.

Shea Butter

The Vitellaria paradoxa, or shea tree, can reach 15 metres in height and is indigenous to the inland zones of western Africa (Sudan, Senegal, Nigeria, and the Ivory Coast). When the seeds of this tree are pressed, shea butter is produced, rich in oleic, stearic, palmitoleic, and linoleic acids. Thanks to the excellent nutritional, restorative, and normalising properties of the hydrolipidic film, it is ideal for treating stressed, dry, and dehydrated skin.

  • Apply uniformly to clean and dry skin of face and neck.
  • Leave acting for 10 minutes.
  • Rinse with water.

Repeat once a week.

Do not use in case of sensitive or reddened skin.

Avoid contact with the eye mucosa.