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Multi-active Eye-contour Cream


Treat your gaze with a compelling intensity with the Multi-active Eye Contour Cream, calling the most innovative results of cosmetic research together in a high-end product, blending with your skin into the embrace of three precious actives, specifically combined to face the eye contour’s typical skin problems.

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Peptide Blend

Wrinkles and dry skin have always presented a challenge to scientific research as applied to cosmetics. Today we have succeeded in isolating and recreating “matrikines”, or peptides deriving from the extracellular matrix, exact replicas of the natural matrikines in the skin. Matrikine peptides work as “cellular messengers” that act from within to regulate skin repair, with long-term effects against skin ageing. The blend of peptides, thanks to the action of the matrikines, acts especially on fragile dermis, improving tone and elasticity in the eye contour.

Anti-bag Active Molecule Blend

This blend offers a global approach to dealing with the problems of bags and puffiness around the eyes, thanks to the original association of three active ingredients (Hesperidin Methyl Chalcone, Dipeptide Valyl-Tryptophan, Lipopeptide Pal-GQPR).

Anti-dark circles Active Molecule Blend

The eye contour is a particularly fragile and delicate zone. As we age, it is one of the first points where wrinkles and dark circles appear. This blend helps to reduce dark circles under eyes and reinforces the firmness and tone of the eye contour.

  • Apply daily to the periocular zone and tap until completely absorbed.

Avoid contact with eye mucosa.