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Sublime Face Toner


From Nature, a combination of perfumed water with revitalising and illuminating properties, precious active ingredients and a masterful blend of moisturising substances breathe new life into stressed, dry, and dull skin. An essential ally of beauty, the Sublime Face Toner leaves skin with a pleasant sensation of comfort and softness.

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Mint Water

In Greek mythology, the nymph Minthe was the lover of Hades, the god of the underworld, but Persephone, Hades’s wife, was jealous and turned her into this aromatic plant. In cosmetics, mint water is ideal for its refreshing, toning, and revitalizing effects.

Ylang Ylang Floral Water

Indigenous to the Philippines and Indonesia, the Cananga odorata trees (or ylang ylang) have green bell-shaped flowers that have long been known for their sweet, intense, and sensual odour. In tropical Asia they are cultivated alongside dwellings so inhabitants can enjoy their perfume. The cosmetic properties of Ylang Ylang Floral Water give radiance and tone to stressed, dull, and mature skin.

Orange Blossom Water

Orange blossom water, with its delicately floral and citrusy perfume, with a particular bitter-sweet note, is ideal as a facial toner for mature, dry, and dull skin, thanks to its revitalising properties and its capacity to restore radiance to the complexion.


A polysaccharide of natural origins extracted from the cells of the Aureobasidium pullulans fungus, it forms protective film that helps to fight the ageing of skin. It creates an immediate toning effect that visibly improves the skin’s appearance.


Also known as the “beauty vitamin”, this is a concentrate of beneficial properties that helps hydrate the face, making the skin smoother and firmer.

A plant derivative extracted from the seeds of the Ceratonia siliqua, or carob tree

This is a totally botanical alternative to hyaluronic acid, extracted from the seeds of the Ceratonia siliqua, the carob tree. It has an excellent affinity with the skin and prevents dehydration.

It wraps the epidermis in a delicate and permeable film, giving it resistance, tone, and firmness, leaving skin with a velvety appearance and a sensation of absolute comfort.

Hyaluronic Acid Sodium Salt

Thanks to his high affinity with water, it is used to hydrate skin, helping to keep it smooth and moisturised.

  • Inumidire un dischetto di cotone con il prodotto e passarlo sulla pelle ben detersa e asciutta di viso e collo.
  • Picchiettare delicatamente, con movimenti dal centro verso l’esterno.

Evitare il contatto con la mucosa oculare.